A rich and luxuriant all purpose skin cream, Louise’s Healing Salve is so beneficial and protective for bodies.

It is great as an all-purpose lotion. It can also be used topically – beneath the bandage – on a variety of wounds. As it is COMPLETELY NATURAL, it can be used all over: inside the mouth, on hands, elbows, anywhere: from lips to feet, to ease pain, for massage and to assuage burns. The ingredients work together as an excellent balm to combat inflammation, revitalize cell membranes and moisturize skin – which drinks the special oils inside.

Louise’s Calendula Salve (rhymes with halve) is a wonderfully skin-nourishing product improvised from a recipe Louise obtained from a natural healer in Berkeley. Louise has prepared and used this lotion/salve for many years.

The golden texture is a function of various rich organic oils, lush unrefined ones, the ballet of the bees, and the calendula. The latter is a kind of marigold, whose flowers we use to prepare a tincture – an herb extraction of pressed blossoms. The bruised flowers and their expressed juices are combined with grape distilled alcohol. (This concentrated formula was used on wounds before antibiotics.) The calendula has antiseptic and analgesic (calming) properties.

BEAUTIFUL SKIN: This is a magnificent all purpose salve. There is NO WATER ADDED, so the product is very compact. Massage only a dab onto hands, face, arms. Especially marvelous for dry skin, irritations and calluses. All the flower & oil ingredients are extraordinarily nourishing to skin.

Ingredients of the lavender salve: olive, sesame & hemp seed oils - organic & unrefined, almond, grapeseed, lavender, violet, TURMERIC & org orange oils; org shea butter; organic calendula blossoms; grape distilled alcohol, beeswax. (The different varieties have variation of the healing oils but all are made with calendula tincture and the healing organic olive oil and beeswax and shea butter. Most included raw and organic hemp seed oil. I've prepared the rosemary variety without almond oil for those with allergy to that. the Chaga variety is available entirely without essential oils, AKA NO FRAGRANCE. For specific questions regarding ingredients and'or allergy, please feel free to contact and ask.)

INJURIES: Calendula is antiseptic. The beeswax and lavender have antibacterial properties, so the salve is remedial for cut, bleeding and injured skin or eruptive disease – like eczema or psoriasis and rash. There has been success reported with athlete’s foot, bee stings, sunburn, shingles, rosaceae, hemmorhoids, herpes and jock itch. The rose variety is excellent for soothing swellings and for enlarged capillaries - such as those associated with rosacae or acne.

CHAPPED LIPS: Most comforting!

SUNBURN: Apply immediately after exposure to either completely prevent sunburn or to minimize pain. Soothes burned, peeling skin. Prevents scars.

BABIES and AFTER CHILDBIRTH: Use throughout pregnancy on the stretching skin (and eat a nourishing diet) to avoid stretch marks. Very gentle for babies and diaper area. (But peppermint is not recommended for infants!) Safe for changing table: one toddler ate a full jar; no ill effects were experienced, as all parts are edible. Try as aid for TEETHING pain.

PETS: excellent for pets’ skin, cuts, rash; because it is all natural, licking is fine. If the animal has scratched and chewed so that fur is missing, WITHIN 24 HOURS of first applying salve, new baby furs ermerge; this is because the salve stops the trauma and the skin is restored to normal function.

A few weeks ago, I bought a jar of your calendula salve and absolutely love it! I use it for everything. It works amazingly well on bug bites-the itch goes away the second the oil dissolves into the skin. I use it under my arms after I shave and it prevents razor burn. That last part is amazing. The strange thing is that I can rub it on my face and although my skin will be shiny for a few minutes, it doesn't make it oily. It works very well on burns and cuts. Needless to say, I love this product.

Caitlin B.

We met approx. two years ago when you offered me a sample of your calendula salve and it lasted for almost a year thereafter with great results. Since that time, I have never had any salve quite as effective for its range of use.


My dog's toe had to be amputated. I've been using the salve on the leg sores caused by the splint placed there after her operation.  They shaved the fur off her leg and one spot was really sore.  So I put the salve on and even though she licked some of it off, the sore is already beginning to show signs of healing! Thank you.


Simply refuels my skin! Works on stretch marks and wrinkles.


I can wait another week but not any longer. After that and I suffer withdrawal. Used it on my granddaughter. It cleared up the diaper rash overnight. It is wonderful!!! Your product is awesome.


Excellent product.


I bought some salve at the farmers market and it worked great for my daughters eczema and I loved it.


I don't know what I'm going to do when the jar runs out!!! I use it for everything now! I'm contemplating driving down from Connecticut, although that's slightly unrealistic...
Best wishes!


I’m almost 50; my skin is flawless. My skin just glows.

N. B.

I’ve eliminated all other products. I only use this one.


Absolutely cleared up my jock itch – cleared it up completely!


Took away an infection inside my nose in two hours.


I used the product a number of ways, but not until I developed scarring tissue along the ligament on the bottom of my foot did I notice its healing properties. I tried the salve to see if it would ease the pain caused by the scar tissue.  Not only did it relieve the pain, it also removed the calluses and dry crusted skin on the bottom of my feet and heels.


Hi Louise!
Just a little note to praise the wonderful salve I purchased from you. I applied lt to spots that have been growing on my forehead for eight or more years. Two are gone and the one that was the size of a dime  is now about 1/8" around, all this in just three weeks. My wife had a spot disappear in two days. All I can say it works for us. You have a wonderful product and I would recommend it  to anyone.


Hello Louise,   I surely enjoyed chatting with you at Willow's Plant Faire.   And that salve!  We love it.   My husband, Pat, was painting and using chemicals and splashed some on his forearms.   He reported that his skin was 'burning', and there were some red spots.   The salve fixed him right up. 


I put the salve on the very dry and red belly of my dwarf kitty named Zoey. Her belly is now a normal pink and the Hair is growing back! I also put the salve on my dog named Bridget. She had been licking her front paw and I have noticed that her paw is beginning to heal. I saw you in June with my daughter and she had a round patch of very dry skin on her face. You had gently placed a small amount on her face. We noticed the change later that day and it disappeared!


I like the results. I have been going through chemo for breast cancer. Lymph nodes were removed from my arm. The salve seems to help with some of the pain. I'm happy I've found something natural to use on my body during this time.


During the cold weather a few weeks ago my skin became very chapped and irritated....nothing was helping.
Well, nothing until I discovered your product.
It is amazing!!


Hi Louise, Your salve has been working very well on the eczema and I wonder where I can buy it since we are soon out of it.
Happy Christmas!


I want you to know how much it has helped my skin with all it's various flaws (I'm 79 years oldl).  You have been seriously blessed to be able to prepare this wonderful skin ointment.  I wish you God's blessings and hope you will continue to make it available for many years to come. I have tried many lotions, etc. through through the years and have never felt as I do about this.  Thank you for being who you are and I am happy to have met you. Perhaps I could order from you directly without bothering my darling daughter, who also was happy with your salve.

Ruth L.

The salve is amazing!


I started using it after shave as well as for the baby and I really like it. Thanks a lot.


Your salve – I’m totally addicted to it...I was in an accident and used it on my face...and the bruising healed in record time...I also fly a lot and use it whenever I do to keep my skin moisturized.


You were talking with us about the salve you make. I, of course, won't buy a product on first whim or offer. You put a sample on my wrist and I rubbed it in .. .. THEN .. .. .. I thought of the dry flaky skin on my forehead that I have battled for five years with creams, lotions and whatever without a lot of luck. So I rubbed the leftover from my fingers on the dry skin area and next morning I couldn't believe my skin. I drove back in to Brandon on Monday and bought some. That stuff is remarkable. Can't wait to try it on something else that needs healing.


Hello folks. I have had a skin condition all my life on one hand and both feet. The skin dries out severely and then cracks open exposing raw flesh. I’ve seen numerous doctors and dermatologists. I have been given multitudes of prescriptions and not one of these has ever given any relief; let alone healed the problem. Louise’s Healing Calendula salve has reversed my lifelong skin problem to where it is now almost non-existent. Thank you Louise.


This has helped with my shingles. I just began treating them with the salve two days ago. The growth is now half the size it was. I’ve had the lump there for years. I tried vitamin E and another calendula product but they didn’t help like this.

Barbara M.

The salve helps my rosacea. With just one application, the salve took away the redness.


When I used eczema lotion from Walmart, it made me itchy during school; the skin started to turn red and was bleeding. Your salve is safe and makes my skin feel better. It's lots better now!


I've been trying a lot of things for my hemorrhoids and this product made a miracle. They've disappeared - overnight! I'm so happy. I can't live without this stuff.


This is the only thing that’ll work for our daughter’s mosquito bites. It stops the itching immediately, and it works for pretty much everything else. I use it for shaving rash.

Steve T.

Dear Louise, I have used your Original Calendula Salve for many skin ailments and recently used it on my big toe which lost its nail after I accidentally walked into a parking lot car abutment while hurrying. It not only eased the pain while the toenail grew back in, but because I have peripheral neuropathy, it also eased the burning and prickling of that annoying disease in my feet. I call your salve "Louise's Blessing". Of course, I also use it for all other skin ailments. Thank you and may God bless you and your wonderful product.


This helped with a cold sore on my lip. Thank you.


This is Krystal, I met you at the Sweetwater farmers market and bought some lovely peppermint rub from you. I just wanted you to know that I've been using it on my face now for just a couple of days and already see a huge difference in the size of my pores and the texture of my skin. I've stopped using the processed facewash that I purchased at the store and begun to use only water and your product to cleanse my face. Thank you!


I received a jar of your salve from a friend about a year and a half ago. At first I used it occasionally, but with time it became the ONLY product I put on my skin, EVER! My jar was running close to empty and after a year and a half the identifying label had long since fallen off, it took me awhile, but I was able to locate you and your product so we could once more be united! This time I ordered the pumpkin oil salve. It just arrived today! I am SO excited!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! your product!


I've really enjoyed the calendula lavender salve. It combines deep moisturizing (gentle enough for face, eyelids and lids) with medicinal benefits of antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial effects. I suffer from a variety of chronic skin problems (severe sensitivity to bug bites, dermatitis on my legs, dry eczema on my hands, and small cuts/wounds that have trouble healing in difficult locations). Your calendula ointment is of great benefit to me with all these problems as well as regular use as a beauty aid on face and hands. I strongly recommend it for those with "problem" or sensitive skin who need hypoallergenic products.

Kathleen O.

I used your Rosemary Calendula Salve for a sun poisoning rash and it was the only healthy remedy that gave me relief from the itching. After the rash healed, I continued using the salve to smooth my skin in Colorado's dry air. I feel blessed that you developed such a useful and healthy product. Thank you, Louise!


I use this salve on a scar I have and this seems to be the only product that has seem to help. Thanks.

Linda S.

Use it for canker sores and they completely heal up in about 3-4 days rather than the two weeks I used to have to endure them. Thanks for a wonderful product that is safe to use orally.

Rebecca M.

I love this salve. I use it on my face, neck, chest and arms right after showering. I've used the tumeric/lavender salve.

Rose Ann

Recently I had six weeks of radiation for skin cancer on my face. I used your calendula salve every few hours throughout the day on the spot. It never got more than pink. The dermatologist was amazed- usually
the skin is cracked and bleeding half way through treatment. They kept asking me what I was doing and I told them- call Louise for calendula salve!


I really like the lavender component of the salve and am convinced it enhances its effectiveness. My skin loves it. I don't use anything else now. And I'm telling my clients about it too. I'm 47 and am complimented regularly on my complexion. Part lucky genes, part skincare. But I think my skin is happier since I started using your mixture this past Spring.

Charlotte B. from Canada

Hi Louise, thank you so much! I used the salve on my son's warts only 4 times and they disappeared. His dr said there's nothing I could do and it takes a year or 2 for them to go away. I tried your salve at the recommendation of my neighbor and I am so glad I did!
Thanks again.


I had a rash, very itchy. So itchy that I'd scratch the skin off. I knew of Louise' salve, used it before on my face and skin. I like the feel. Now I really put it to the test. Nothing else was working. It worked! I'm still applying it, and man what a relief. Use it regularly, and you'll see results! Don't forget you've got it! It helps. Thanks Louise.

Michael J.

I do a lot of mechanical work in my yard in eastern NC. The mosquitoes just rise out of the ground whenever you take out your toolbox. Louise's salve just crushes these mosquitoes.
I use her rosemary salve on my feet, legs and arms and hands to keep them off me. I took only one mosquito bite on the back my neck yesterday as I forgot to put the salve in that spot.

Steven Brown

Hi Louise, I use your sage salve for so many different things. It is great for face and body. I use it also for preventing chafing when I ride my bike. Just ordered the 4oz size. Thanks very much!


As a fellow herbalist, I must say, Louise's Salve is beautifully crafted and highly effective. I experience aches in my muscles and sensitivity in my joints, and Louise's turmeric-lavendar salve spreads on so smoothly and really soothes. Thanks Louise for your beautiful salve! Blessings to your joyful, creative soul!


I have spent way too much money trying to find the perfect face moisturizer. I am so fortunate to have tried your salve a few years ago! This is the only product I need. I put it on before bed, and it absorbs right into my skin. I also use it on cuts and scrapes, dot my temples and inside my nose as a calming effect,and also I use it on my dog's hot spots! It is simply amazing. Thank you so much, Louise, for your care with this amazing product!

Michelle Thompson

Used it to relieve my dog's itchy skin. It helped alleviate the itching and, unlike so many prescribed ointments, it was safe for her to lick!


My friend's husband burned his face with a man's beard-dying product. I recommended your calendula/lavender salve and it helped soothe and heal the burnt area. Wonderful product!


I had some growth on my chest and kept applying the lotion. After less than a week, it fell right off in my hand.

Tina B.

I like how the Orange-Vanilla smells so nice on my hand when I am on the phone.


Thank you Louise, I love your product and have watched for you at the market. I did not realize what a difference your product made in my complexion until I ran out and tracked you down. Please let me know when you will be at the market because I have several friends asking. I have a friend that was going thru cancer treatments and I gave her a bottle of your product, face was dry. It made a real difference in her complexion. Don’t stop creating your product.


I really love the rosemary because of its decongestant quality. A friend staying with me from Germany began using it, so it's gone international!


I like your product. I use it on my face. A little goes a long way. Gentle.


I have been using your Lavender and Turmeric salve on my face for rosacea and my skin has never looked better. It also works well on dry skin. Thank you.


I put the salve on the beginnings of a hemorrhoid last night, and today everything is 100% better. I love you, Louise!! Honestly, I would be lost without this stuff!!!


Hi Louise, we met you at Sweetwater market last November and purchased a jar of your original calendula salve. 9 months later, after using it daily (either one or both of us), we are just starting to run low and reordered a large jar. It is wonderful stuff! We use it for many things, including to soothe lips (and I'm a professional trumpet player, so I love good lip care products), take care of itches, and to clear up skin care issues (something like rosacea). I've also used it to calm scalp psoriasis. Recently I've started using it for a night cream and it works great. Thanks so much for a wonderful product and keep up the good work! It was nice to meet you!

Bob and Patty

Your salve is dramatically removing sun damage spots from my hands and forehead. Awesome!


My husband has had ringworm on his ankle for over a year. He’s tried both MD medicines and natural medicines but nothing worked until Louise’s healing salve. He used the peppermint.


My dad’s back itched. It got so bad he was using objects on himself when no one was available to scratch for him. One day I tried my pumpkin salve on him. Besides the fact that he loved having it applied and liked the scent, my mom noticed he wasn't asking her to scratch his back as much. So we kept using it and his requests for back scratching lessened! Sometimes he would injure his skin scratching it, so lessening the scratching was important. I left my jar of salve with them and ordered more for myself and my Dad. I think even his aide likes it for herself!

Liz in Arlington

I used the salve on my face. An aging spot disappeared. My niece’s eczema disappeared.


My daughter had a rough spot on her skin and I suggested she try Louise’s Healing Salve. She grumbled about the likelihood of that doing any good. She’d had it for years. But it disappeared in two days! She was a skeptic and now she is a believer! Thank you!


Last fall before the time to leave for Florida I noticed an ugly spot on my leg so I went to the doctor. He said he didn't like the look of it and I needed to see a dermatologist and that might take up to a year to get an appointment. I told my husband that I couldn't go all winter not knowing what it was...it looked like the pictures of melanoma. I looked at your salve and thought OK let's try this. I put some on morning and night, that was in the first of October, when we left for Florida the sore was completely healed! I was disappointed when I went to the store in Brandon to get some more...they didn't have your product. I'm so glad your still making the original formula. Thank you. After seeing that ugly sore leave.... your salve will be an important object in my medicine chest.


Your salve helped my Mom with a cut on her thumb that got infected. She used your salve and wrapped it until the infection cleared up. It has helped me soothe cuts on my dogs and they love the smell!


I miss you from Chuck's. My family and I use this salve for everything and
use it anywhere we need it. Mouth, Nose, Babies bottoms and skin. Thank you


I love the results I get when I use the rose salve on my face. I have rosacea and many products can be irritating, your rose salve leaves my skin soft and smooth with a calming effect that I love. And the scent is wonderful too! I know from years of experience that rose extracts and oatmeal are great products for my skin and I was very excited when you expanded your line of product to include those ingredients!

Sharon D.

Hello Louise! I want to sing praises for your Carrot Seed, Raspberry Sunscreen! It is absolutely amazing! I have the skin type that turns red then back to white...bless me girl for living in FL...haha. I admit I was skeptical even though I love so many of your other salves and have benefited from them. Believe me, I burn in the car traveling on the Interstate or under the umbrella at a softball game. I applied your salve to my arms, neck, and chest area...coached multiple games in one day...standing on the field in direct sunlight and never burned. I also used it while on a pontoon boat for a full day and never burned! Thank you from the bottom of my non-sunburned feet!

Live an abundant life!

Kim J.

I had itchy flaking and cracking skin between my toes. Over 3 years, I tried every over the counter medication, using a whole tube til it was gone. Never did a thing. Wasted my time and money. I used Louise's salve and within a week found tremendous relief.

Debbie D.C.

I have seborrhea on my face. I use Louise's lavender salve and the next morning it is much better.

Julie H.

Louise, I looked at my dog's mouth 3 days ago. His gums were inflamed, red, and swollen over several teeth. It looked like he had either an abscess or horrible gingivitis. I called the Vet and he was on vacation. I started putting your Calendula Salve with Lavender that I had bought from you long ago on his gums 3 times a day. I was so excited to see the difference in his gums today! Thank you!

Sylvia R.

Just ordered a BIG jar of your rosemary salve for my 90 and 92 year old parents in Massachusetts. My dad has Alzheimer's and his caregivers noticed a BIG difference in his dry skin after using your salve for the past 6 months. They even requested more, as his current jar is running low now! ...Getting the large jar for them this time!


Thank you so much for checking in with me. I’m sure you understand having a newborn makes things like email a little challenging. I love the salve … I was in pretty bad shape when I reached out to you . I did use the salve for the hemorrhoids and it worked beautifully. I now use it for my hands, which were so dry from constantly washing them and I also use it on my nipples.


I'm using your product after surgeries which left several incision sites and drain tube hole scars all over my chest, arms, and abdomen. Amazing product of how quickly my incisions have healed leaving very minimal scar appearance. I also enjoy using it to soften my hands and as a lip balm. Thank you!

Dr. Audrey D.

Hello, I purchased your wonderful salve months ago at Chuck's Natural Food Mart. It has been an excellent addition to my life. It has been a wonderful help in so many situations.

1. It relieved my razor burn in my bikini area with only 2 application. I applied the first day and felt relief; the second day was just for good measure.
2. My son had a rash and the salve relieve it in 2 applications. The bumps were gone!
3. I suffer from severely itchy nipples during my cycle. The salve relieves the irritation immediately.
4. The salve moisturizes my severe dry spots in my face.

Thanks for making such a wonderful product that is so natural.


Agreed. 2 hours in the pool, not enough sun screen, I was red as a boiled lobster. I lathered on the pumpkin salve, by mornin, the sunburn was almost gone. Still a bit reddish, but it never hurt. 8.25.15


When I got awful chigger bites from standing in tall grasses, your salve was the only thing that gave me any relief. Before I remembered it, I tried several other things hydrocortisone cream and Calomine lotion - to no avail. The only thing that has given me any relief is your calendula /lavender salve. Should have thought to put some on BEFORE I went out there. It has also helped calm down some "razor rash" from shaving. Gotta get some more!


I put the lemon elderflower salve on my face everyday and it is bleaching my sunspots. I do not use sunscreen, it breaks my skin out. I also have a large scar on my face from a burn that is very brown. The elderflower is helping this to appear smaller I am sure it protects from the sun. I have very little of the lemon elderflower left, and I am in Virginia on vacation. I will be home next week and I am hoping it will last until I return. At home I have the peppermint rose hips and I am sure sorry I did not bring it, because the flying bugs are terrible. I am so dependent on your products.

Trisha S.

When I can STILL be blown away by its miraculous healing uses of your wonderful salve, I néed to share that! My mom, who is 91, recently burned her fingers on the burner of the stove. The sound of the flesh searing was audible downstairs! Her first instinct was to thrust her burning flesh STRAIGHT INTO that large bottle of your sage salve! Today, there is no noticeable burn!
Coincidentally, I'm visiting them up north, where the temps are below freezing with the wind chills (-6°f) the other day, with zero humidity; chapped lips are healed over night with your peppermint salve!

Trinity 2

Louise's salve works wonders on chapped palms. (I had to handle icy water after a severe winter storm.)

Rosemary in Oregon

In addition to other uses that people mention, my wife and I have found Louise's salve to be a valuable complement to our lovemaking. A finger-full creates a supple, silky smoothness that is neither too slippery nor too sticky. On her, it enhances manual stimulation and prepares a soft smooth surface for oral attention. On him, it softens the skin and eases initial penetration. Edible and nearly tasteless, it blends seamlessly with natural juices. Chaga and pumpkin are favorites (avoid peppermint). Applied later, it can sooth and aid healing of over-stimulated skin.


I purchased my first salve from you at the herbal farm last year-and remembering to use it all the time, not just for the mosquito protection I purchased it for. It actually helps restore the sun damage on my nose as well. I also discovered it does a better job of healing cuts and scrapes and warding off infection than the Neosporin I used in years past. I’m new to using essential oils and I am loving it!


All of your salves that I've tried are wonderful, but the rosemary salve is my favorite. I have been using it for several years now. I've used it for everything from healing cuts and scrapes to bee stings (which I get a lot since I am a beekeeper). I've used it for skin infections and heat rash. I'm also a runner and the salve helps prevent and soothe chaffing. I pretty much use it for everything and love it. Thank you for doing what you do.